Textiles as Art & Accessories

I’m always inspired by the treasures that my clients have introduced me to, such as using more textiles to finish a certain room. Cruelty-free decor and environmentally safe products are always a plus, especially with very aware people. Kantha, simply meaning patched cloth, textiles are a great way to get that certain, relaxed look while […]

Those Finishing Touches

The art & accessories budget used to be the first casualty in the war on interior design budgets.  That mindset has evolved over the years as we’ve become savvier regarding how much satisfaction we demand from our interiors.  We want to look at beautiful objects, not just use them, so pleasing aesthetics now are given […]

Fast & Fabulous Makeover

The Osborne & Little wallpaper in this after photo on the right side of the page, is the perfect elegant backdrop for this otherwise small guest bath that doubles as a powder room.  Subtle luminosity in the paper’s finish makes the tiny room feel even more spacious than it did before, (as shown below in the left-side […]

The 3D: Design, Decorate, Detail

How to make your house a home? The Scots have it down with updated riffs on their traditions and much of it is in the details. These throws from Anta-UK and Ireland’s Avoca Mills are a must have for the upcoming season. Soft and beautiful and so many colors! You can see where the inspiration […]

To Raze or Not to Raze?

Yes, that’s correct, your eyes are not deceiving you.  Always good for business, though. Long time clients buy a 275 acre spread east of Ojai, in the middle of NOWHERE, but the spread is pastoral and serene and my blood pressure drops as soon as I pull up with the team. Problem is, all the […]

Nip & Tuck for a Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Always love getting those call backs from clients wanting to make their spaces even better.  I helped Dr. Randal Haworth (you know, from the Swan TV make-over show)  with his home (and Beverly Hills office) years ago. It was such a successful result that Western Interiors and Design magazine published it in their premiere issue.  […]

Anatomy of a Project

I receive an inquiry from a relocating Australian family for help with their (entire) new LA home. Not sure how long their stay will be, they lease.   I survey the empty home.  Communicating via Skype meetings from Sydney to LA, Copenhagen, Paris to Bali, I assess their needs, advising them on what to bring […]

The Elephant in the Room

The previous owner of my clients’ new home had outfitted the place to suit her own needs- which didn’t work at all for my clients- especially the TV placement in the living room, which was mounted way too high on a travertine-clad monster. I assumed the structure had to be housing something, because no one […]

Fireplace Facelift

I like showing the design process. In this business, showing (telling) a story is a must. Like the one about the 100 year old Shasta County farm house that my client turned into a wine tasting house. This is just one of many chapters in that story: The Fireplace Facelift. The plans called for a […]