Anatomy of a Project

I receive an inquiry from a relocating Australian family for help with their (entire) new LA home. Not sure how long their stay will be, they lease.   I survey the empty home.  Communicating via Skype meetings from Sydney to LA, Copenhagen, Paris to Bali, I assess their needs, advising them on what to bring with them and what to buy new. The client hates the wall covering in the master, but because they lease, we can’t remove it.

before living room needs furniture

before living room needs furniture

empty/before photo bedroom

empty/before photo bedroom

We’ve edit down several options and I have Morgan prepare the boards to send to the client. With a few minor changes, I order everything (budget/payment arrangements/agreement all established in first meetings). Must meet their move-in deadline (6 weeks) and we don’t have much time. Much shorter than I prefer (12-14 weeks).  Add to the mix, we are pre-holiday season, which is always hectic.


E-design baords

E- design presentation board selections

Screen shot 2014-01-10 at 12.10.22XX PM


Everything comes together in time for their December arrival. Client asks me to holiday decorate so the kids will be wowed when they walk in their new home in their new country for the first time.  I bring in Robby Gregory to oversee that.


holiday decor

shabby chic great room holiday decor


great room furnished

great room furnished

living room 3

hiding wall covering

master bedroom- draped walls

We cover up the unsightly wall covering with a ripple-fold drape that hangs from a track on the crown molding. The landlord ok’d it as we can remove it later without harming the molding.

Fast forward: Alas, the family is moving back to Australia! They ask me to help select new wallpaper  for their much smaller bedroom in the Sydney home.  I found a textured paper that is  perfect with the furniture they bought here.

wallpaper in Sydney

wallpaper in Sydney

Here’s what they have to say about the experience:

“Kathryn Waltzer has been my interior designer for the past 2 years and has overseen my home relocation from Sydney to Los Angeles. In that time Kathryn has been a sheer pleasure to work with and has made designing our Pacific Palisades home a great experience. Kathryn had a beautiful design vision for our home and the results she has delivered are stunning. She listened carefully to our brief and worked with us every step of the way providing advice, an array of styles and options and that all important guidance at key moments. In addition to her wonderful designs Kathryn also worked incredibly hard to make a major family international relocation so easy and pleasurable for us – she was quite amazing and took care of every small detail. Her manner is always friendly, warm and attentive and her style so classy that she exceeded all of our design and service expectations. Many of our friends and visitors comment on how beautifully our home is designed and we have recommended Kathryn to many of them.

We are now in the process of relocating back to Sydney and Kathryn was so good that we’ve asked her to assist us with the styling of our Sydney home from Los Angeles. Kathryn Waltzer has become a trusted and valuable colleague and I am pleased to offer her the highest personal recommendation.”