From vintage modern to transitional to contemporary, Kathryn Waltzer brings her expertise in interior design to each project while keeping the client’s wishes paramount. 

Kathryn Waltzer Interior Design

Interior or exterior, modern or vintage, the Kathryn Waltzer Interior Design aesthetic is consistently beautiful and enduring. Kathryn has a talent for interpreting and creating virtually any style.  In addition, she has a rare ability in the world of interior design, particularly when the concept of branding a single interior design aesthetic is still in high demand.

While trends in interior design evolve or disappear, timeless design never goes out of style and likewise, the Kathryn Waltzer “brand” of interior design is one that will remain a constant and one that will always be of interest to both the new clientele and the media.

Waltzer has amassed a portfolio of striking interior and exterior design projects. Regardless of the style, Her work conveys a sophisticated and stylish aesthetic with a fresh interpretation and signature touch of Waltzer’s own.









“Kathryn Waltzer interior design brought professionalism, taste, know-how, and positivity to the job. She ran the remodel and furnishing of my 2500 SF home. We spent a good amount of time discussing the look I was going for.  I never felt like Kathryn imposed her taste on me.  She promptly came up with several floor plans and competently ran the construction phase of the job.  With my consent, Kathryn sourced the subs and directed them where necessary.  She stayed on all the providers and vendors to make sure they did their jobs. Kathryn is a pleasure to work with, always very responsive.”


“I hired Kathryn to help me in decorating my home, which was new construction. She is extremely friendly, professional and  efficient, and she was very responsive to all my needs and requests.  Kathryn is great at listening to her client’s ideas and presenting several options that fit their needs and their budget.  I intend to use Kathryn for all my future design/decorating needs, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.”


“Kathryn has impeccable taste, is extremely well-organized, and is a pleasure to work with on a personal level.  My husband and I are thrilled with the result, and credit her with making the project such a resounding success.”


“We are almost finished with a 3500 sq. ft. condo project with Kathryn. It is a remodel in which Kathryn played an integral part with the design and the contractor.  Through it all, Kathryn has been a reliable, unflappable professional and has demonstrated great skills in working with differing opinions and personalities. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Kathryn again.”