The art & accessories budget used to be the first casualty in the war on interior design budgets.  That mindset has evolved over the years as we’ve become savvier regarding how much satisfaction we demand from our interiors.  We want to look at beautiful objects, not just use them, so pleasing aesthetics now are given equal billing to function, and are the final touch in making your house your home.

Accessorizing….styling…..what ever you want to call the process these days, is still a full-time job. Countless on-line choices overwhelm even the most experienced shopper. While the internet is a great resource, I still scout the good stuff in person, and, yes, that’d be the designer showrooms as well as the brand-name retail shops.  There’s still no better judging the scale and quality of accessories than face to face with the little things.

The real fun is seeing these works of art fitting beautifully into the home, adding one more dimension of beauty, and, that personal touch that so many pared-back spaces lack.

Oh those baskets…..Texture adds an exotic & affordable touch to out of the way spaces, offering a variety of shapes and sizes.

On a greener note, if you prefer a simpler, but punchy look of the objects you want to live  with, the contrast of a terra cotta container with moss is the answer…..