Effortless revamp after 20 years.   It’s hard to pull off because you run the risk of making the things you’re keeping look out-of-date.

My client loves her  home! And the timeless and transitional decorating we did in 2000.  But after 20 years of grandkids and life, she wanted to freshen it up (not that it needed it, everything held up).  So we did 3 things: white paint just about everywhere, simpler designed draperies and roman shades, and a couple of cozy new toss pillows.  Since we kept to the transitional design lines in the new drapery and shades, it will last another 20 years!

The new fabric came from pindler.com.   And, because Joseph did such a great job 20 years ago, I had him make the new drapery!  Effortless revamp.

Because we painted the sloped ceilings the same color as the walls this time (instead of white ceiling and taupe walls), the architecture is unassumingly captured, and this beautiful overhead line completes the interior design.

And, given that we love taupe, and it’s the tone of the sofas and in the rug detailing, we added an aura of it on the fireplace surround.  Due to the fact we started with good pieces and classic shapes,  the refreshing update was a snap! Effortless revamp after 20 years.

In my career, lots has happened!


simple update after 20 years

After 20 years, simple drapes & shades, white walls, update this transitional home. Everything else stayed!  The same company made the drapes 20 years apart!


Living room before update

Living and dining space before the minimal updating. I loved the old pillows, but I love the new ones more!


updated dining room

The Transitional style dining room update features the new roman shades and white walls.


Before dining room photo

This classically beautiful transitional dining space had a life span of 20 years before the simple update.  It was time for the valances to go!